Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Red Power Juice

I love the fact that my 4 year old son LOVES our juicer and will literally drink anything that passes through that thing. Considering he is a very picky eater, this is a huge, huge blessing! Today he got home from school and of course wanted a snack but instead of running to the pantry he grabbed a beet root and said, "This would make a great red juice," so I went with it! We searched the fridge and fruit bowl for ingredients to make a delicious and oh so healthy red juice.

-1 Beet Root
-2 Carrots
-1 c. Watermelon
-1 Apple
-1 Peach
-1 hand full of Black Cherries
- splash Pomegranate Juice


My little man loved it!


  1. That's great that you son enjoys the natural juices that you make. I dislike beets, but would like to try them again because of all the health benefits. I think juicing them is a great idea. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

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