Sister Stories

Sarah, Stacy, & Amy are three young women brought into a sisterhood through the institute of marriage. As sister-in-laws they have just enough in common to be great friends but are diverse enough to always keep things interesting. Working as a team, they each bring their own unique style and talents to the table to raise their children ranging in age from 3 weeks to 13 years old. Whether they are decorating their homes, planning a party or preparing a holiday menu, you can almost bet, they are doing it together. While their domestic duties as mothers and wives dominate their schedules, they still invest time in pursuing their own  artistic passions and activities to fulfill themselves as individuals.

Amy lives a very Rifles & Ruffles kind of life. Growing up with two older brothers, she spent a lot of time scuffing up her high heels playing with boys. Now that she is grown, not much has changed. She is still out numbered as a military wife and the mother of a four year old son. If you saw her any day of the week you would think she was an ordinary mom, but come the weekend, she trades in her ponytail and yoga pants for curls and cowgirl boots and rocks with her country band. As an avid outdoors-woman, she enjoys hunting, fishing, shooting, camping and gardening. But she isn't all shotguns and electric guitars, she exercises her creativity through amateur photography, songwriting, party planning, decorating, crafting and working on her first novel. While she does not do any of these things with unprecedented skill, she does them all with passion and purpose.

Growing up as the only girl with four tough brothers, you might have thought that Sarah was just one of the boys, but from a very young age Sarah was living a Rifles & Ruffles life. During the day you would find her outside, playing with the boys and not afraid to get dirty, but when it was time for everyone to go home, she would begin her other passions; making jewelry, drawing, painting, and scrap booking. Now as a mom to a one year old daughter, even more ruffles have been added to her life. Ribbons, sparkles, and bows are daily accessories, and Sarah is loving every minute of it. Being married to an enthusiastic hunter and outdoors-man, Sarah has also been able to keep in touch with her tomboy side. She enjoys fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, and camping, and she loves that she is able to share these interests with her husband. Sarah loves being outside, but if she is stuck inside on a rainy day she spends her free time painting, crafting, decorating, thrift shopping, making jewelry, party planning, cooking, and baking.

There is no denying that Stacy is all ruffles. Growing up in a big family that included two older sisters, there was never a shortage of hair spray or sparkles. From a young age she drew inspiration from the strong women in her life- her mother, grandmother and great grandmother. By their sides, Stacy learned to bake and decorate cakes, grow her own vegetable garden and create a beautiful home. Today, she is still surrounded by ruffles as her and her husband raise their three beautiful daughters. As if raising three girls ranging from 1 month to 13 years old wasn’t enough to keep her busy, she works as a cosmetologist, is the go-to cake person for family and friends, entertains for most of their family events, and constantly has her hands busy with DIY projects around the house. Don’t let all the ruffles fool you, there isn’t much that Stacy doesn’t do!

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