Thursday, November 1, 2012

Simple Seasonal Wreaths

A good friend of mine got me a wreath hanger as a housewarming gift when we purchased our home last December. My husband went out and bought a pine wreath and it lasted all winter. By springtime I was ready for something new! We were having a get-together one weekend so it was a last minute thought to get one for our wreath hanger. I decided to just make one with whatever I had on hand at home. I found an old picture frame, some burlap, twine and scrapbook paper.
This is what I came up with

Now that it is getting into fall/winter I knew those paper flowers wouldn't hold up. This time I planned ahead and actually went to the craft store and bought a few things.

Here is what you'll need...

- wreath base (styrofoam ring)
- yarn
- felt
- wooden letter (or any other detail you want)
- glue gun
- tape
- scissors

Step One

Tape the end of the yard to the backside of the wreath base and start wraping the yarn around, pushing it together so there are no gaps.

Step Two

Once you wrap it completely around, pull the taped piece out and tie it with your loose end of yarn to secure it.

Step Three

Make an assortment of felt flowers and glue them on along with any other details you have. I thought about doing a tutorial on the felt flowers but there are hundreds out there already. If you like the flowers I made and can't find a tutorial, comment and I'll put one up.

My finished wreath

- Stacy

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