Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mr. Potato Head Pumpkin

I recently posted a tutorial on how to make a beautiful chevron painted pumpkin to satisfy your mommy style without carving. Now, I introduce you to a great no carve option for your little one as well. While I am sure older kids love getting their hands on pumpkin guts and a knife, my 4 year old son isn't so concerned just yet. So this year when my son told me the pumpkin he picked "looks like a potato" it hit me- why not poke some holes in your pumpkin and make it into a Mr. Potato Head? We have a ziplock full of arms and eyes and ears and shoes and hats... OK, I'm sure you get it. The point is that we had everything we need already and just like Mr. Potato Head, our pumpkin gets to be someone new everyday!

What you need:
-screw driver
-Mr Potato Head pieces
-a little helper

First, use the screw driver to poke the holes.

 Then, let your little one decorate!

I introduce to you... Mr. Potato Head Pumpkin!

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