Monday, October 22, 2012

DIY Hanging Paper Fans

Hanging paper fans are such a cute way to decorate for an event. I love the look of them hanging as a back drop behind a desert table at a party or hanging from trees at an outdoor wedding. Here are some great ways to use paper fans:
With paper fans, the possibilities are endless. I recently was looking for some to use for a party but could only find tissue paper ones in limited colors at the party supply stores, so I turned to Etsy to continue my search. That is where I found so many cute colors and patterns but they were going for $40 for a pack of 5!  As I looked closer at these handmade versions it was obvious how they were made and I felt a little silly for even considering purchasing them when I could make my own so easily. After getting everything I needed I was able to make 6 paper fans in about 30 minutes and for under $6! So if you are in the market for paper fans, look no further...

What you need:
- 3 sheets of cardstock paper (for each fan)
- hot glue

Begin to fold your cardstock about every half inch like an accordion.

Once folded like an accordion, fold the whole thing in half. 

Hot glue the inner folds together so it looks like a fan. Then, repeat on the remaining two sheets.

 Hot glue the outer folds together to complete the circle.

 Since I was making these for a Halloween party I glued a plastic skeleton in the 
middle to cover where the corners meet but you could add whatever is fitting for your event.

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