Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nursing Tool Kit

I recently had a baby and am nursing. It is going great and I love the bonding time with my sweet baby girl. However, I quickly found a couple things that I did not like. I found myself running up and down the stairs (we live in a 2 story house with a finished attic, so basically 3 stories) to grab things I needed while nursing. Also, I did not want to be stuck in one room away from the rest of my family. I decided to make a "tool kit" that I could quickly grab along with a glass of water and sit down to nurse my baby.

In my kit, I included:

-diaper rash cream
-hand sanitizer
-small bottle of lotion
-bulb syringe
-nail clippers (perfect time to clip baby's nails)
-vitamin D drops
-book (or something else to entertain youself)

You can adjust your kit to suit your needs but these are the basics that will get you started. Good luck, mommas!

- Stacy

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