Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wellness Shots

Well, the time has come: I finally got sick for the first time since starting this blog. While it is rather unfortunate for myself, it is your lucky day! I always tend to underestimate the effectiveness of this little concoction I made up a few years ago, but it never ceases to amaze me with its effectiveness. My only regret is the fact that I never think to make them until I get sick. I recommend you make these and keep them in the fridge so that when you feel sickness creeping at your door, you can give your body that boost to kick it out before it gets too comfortable. 

-1 Lemon
-2 Tbls Ginger
-2 Tbls Honey
-1/4 Tbls Ground Red Pepper (Cheyenne)
-4 tea bags of Green or Echinacea tea

  Brew  tea bags in 8 oz of water and let seep for 3-5 minutes.
 While tea seeps add the remaining ingredients to a mini food processor or blender.
 Roll the lemon on the counter to loosen up the juice and using a microplane, zest the outer peel. Then, squeeze all the juice you can from the lemon.
Add the ginger...
and ground red pepper.
 Add the brewed tea and then blend until the ingredients have been well dispersed throughout.
This recipe makes eight 2 ounce shots. I like to store them in mini plastic containers like these in the fridge so they are easy to grab when I need one.   
 This my friend is a shot: It is strong and spicy and just like on Saturday nights you are going to need to grab yourself a chaser. I chose an ice cold can of Ginger Ale.  It will burn going down but grab some tissues because your sinuses will open up and your body will be on turbo speed to getting back to tip top health!
After a day and half of feeling like pure and utter death, I think the simple fact that a few hours after my wellness shot I am sitting here writing a blog post when it is pushing midnight, is a testament in and off itself! Don't wait, go get your ingredients and get your wellness shots ready so when you feel that cold comin' on you can reach in the fridge and tip it on back!


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