Friday, December 7, 2012

Vintage Book Page Flower Wreath Tutorial

My neighbor, Henry, makes grapevine wreaths. He recently brought me over a couple, so I decided to make a new wreath.

A few months ago I made a wreath with burlap and fabric flowers, and I thought it would be neat to make flowers for my new wreath, but instead of using fabric, using paper!

- wreath
- Elmer's glue
- scissors
- old book
- super glue

To make a flower, cut a circle out of the book page. 

Cut out a spiral starting on the outside of the circle until you reach the middle.

Begin rolling up the spiral from the outside.

Keep on rolling until there's no more left to roll.

All done!

Make as many flowers as you want. Super glue them to the wreath.

I decided to add a few "leaves" as well.

All done, what do you think?


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