Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Give Framed Pictures A Christmas Makeover

I love to buy old photographs, prints, and newspaper illustrations from flea markets. Late this summer I found this one in particular that I thought would make for great fall decor. 

Something about the creepy lady and old farm house made me think of Halloween so once it was time for fall decorations, I stuck it in a black frame and displayed it here...

Today, I was cleaning and putting away fall decorations in preparation for Christmas decor to go up this weekend. When I came across my creepy old photograph I realized I didn't want to box it up for the rest of the year, so I decided to give it a little Christmas makeover and extend its welcome a couple more months. Using dry erase markers I gave the house and fence post some red lights, a green wreath on the door and even a little Santa hat for the Mrs. Now she looks a little jolly, doesn't she?

You could do easily transfer this idea to anything you have framed. Give that chubby little baby portrait a Santa hat and white fluffy beard. Or transform that shot of the family into a herd of reindeer by drawing on some antlers. The possibilities are endless really. When the holidays are over the evidence can be erased with a little Windex and a paper towel. 


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