Monday, January 7, 2013

DIY Skull Scarf

Stamping fabric is a fun and easy way to update an old piece. Using fabric foam you can make your own stamp that you can use over and over again. I recently made a top with a feather stamp that I made, and it turned out really great. I didn't blog about it, so I decided to do another stamp project and this time blog about it so I could share the idea.
Ok, so I already have an amazing stamped tee, so I decided for my next project to stamp a scarf.

-scarf (or other material)
-foam sheet
-craft razor knife
-fabric paint

Begin by drawing a skull on a piece of foam stamp. If you don't want to do it free hand, just look up an image on google.
I searched "plain skull image" on google and found this, which I thought would work well. I printed out the image and cut it out, then traced it with the pen on the foam stamp. I then cut out the foam stamp with the scissors, and used the craft razor knife to cut out the eyes, nose, and teeth. With the remaining foam, cut out a rectangle slighty larger than the skull and glue it to the skull. You now have a stamp! (I didn't take any photos of this process because I used a black pen and you couldn't see it in the photos very well) 

Test out your stamp before using it on your material to make sure you are satisfied with it.
I used a paintbrush to paint the skull on the left, and I didn't like the way it turned out. So I used a foam brush to paint the skull on the right, and it turned out much better, so I used the foam brush throughout.

Use the foam brush to paint the fabric paint on the stamp.
Make sure you iron your material that you are using so you have a nice, flat surface.
And start stamping!
End product!


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